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Golden Era-inspired clothing, by a legendary racing driver’s son

There are plenty of companies that produce clothing inspired by the ‘Golden Era’ of racing, but few have as much credibility as 8Js – a family-run company owned by Sacha Prost, son of F1 legend Alain…

A clue to the company ethos can be found in the name: the ‘Js’ represent the first names of Golden Era luminaries, such as Jo, Jack, Jim, James and Jochen. Meanwhile, the ‘8’ represents “the infinity in remembrance of those astonishing years” – something we at Classic Driver are definitely keen to promote…

Daredevils in the details


Created by Sacha Prost and his sister-in-law Delphine Prost, 8Js brings back the Golden Era racing style with a modern, luxurious twist; all offerings are designed and manufactured in Italy. However, it’s the attention to detail that’s impressed us most: the jeans are without ‘rivets’ to prevent torn seat leather, the fabrics are stretchable to ensure comfortable driving, and the inner labels even have a section for you to mark your blood type – a reminder of just how heroic the drivers of the era were. Themed collections include jackets (with rhombus quilting, ribbed inserts, and harness protection pads for the shoulders), and a series of T-shirts celebrating ‘grid girls’, a phenomenon that’s increasingly being phased out of modern motorsport. There are points of sale in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Lebanon and the U.S.A., and a new boutique store has just opened in Harrods, London.

Photos: 8Js

For further information, visit the 8Js website.