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Defy the autumn weather like a true London rebel…

Battling with a cheap umbrella that’s turned inside out in the wind is never a good look. Why not invest in a quality, stylish item such as this classic of English pop culture?

When Baracuta began producing the first Harrington jackets in Manchester in the 1930s, it could not have imagined that the tartan-lined garment would protect the likes of Steve McQueen and Elvis Presley – not to mention countless Rockabillies, mods and hooligans – from the weather. The Harrington’s name goes back to the 1960s television series ‘Peyton Place’, in which the jacket was worn by a character named Rodney Harrington. That a jacket formerly associated with rebels is now accepted by the establishment, why not supplement it with this umbrella developed by Baracuta and London Undercover. Featuring an aluminium frame and a maple handle, it can be bought on the London Underground website for £75.

Photo: London Underground