Christophe Fenwick will have you suitably dressed for the Tour Auto

Inherently enthusiastic about classic cars and the lifestyle that surrounds them, Christophe Fenwick’s pursuit to create the highest-quality and most stylish driving accessories has subsequently caught the imagination of true automotive connoisseurs around the world…

From hunting for obscure parts and getting his hands dirty beneath the bonnet to collecting intriguing cars and adventuring on epic road trips, for as long as he can remember, Christophe Fenwick has been completely and utterly taken with the world of classic cars. One day, he identified the need for a genuinely stylish driving glove. 

And with no suitable pair on the market, he decided to create his own. Taking the very best materials, from lamb and deer hides to Scottish cashmere, he employed the services of a historic artisan glove-making company to handcraft his dream gloves, directly inspired by the elegant 1960s automobiles he holds so dear and the multitude of tasteful colours in which they were so often painted. Finally, he developed an innovative method of applying a rich patina, lending the gloves a discreet and elegant air of luxury. An innovative calfskin driving shoe followed, employing the exact same philosophy, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Having garnered a worldwide following, Paris-based Fenwick has now teamed up with Peter Auto to create both a glove and a shoe especially for the Tour Auto. Rather appropriately, the bespoke pieces are finished in the colours of the French tricolour and aged precisely the right amount, so as to look as though they’ve just endured five exhilarating days behind the wheel of a historic racing car on the finest roads France has to offer. Whether you’re contesting the Tour Auto this year or not, you’ll be able to see the gloves and the shoes for yourselves at the Grand Palais in Paris ahead of the start and at the finish line in Deauville. 

Photos: Christophe Fenwick

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