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Add some golden era-inspired motorsport apparel to your wardrobe with Period Correct

Fresh from the racetrack to your everyday life, Period Correct combines the influences of motorsports, car culture, and timeless aesthetics into some seriously stylish garments and homeware. The best part? It’s now available in the CD Shop.

There are plenty of automotive-inspired apparel brands out there, all looking to the future to bring fashionable and unique clothing to this close-knit community of car lovers, but few do it quite as well as LA-based Period Correct. With an impeccable eye for detail and style, the brand has flourished into one that celebrates all forms of motorsport, from Group B era rallying to pit-crew exclusives. 

Period Correct are no stranger to a collaboration or two, and has seen tremendous success from multiple partnerships with Hot Wheels. One of which saw a Mercedes-Benz 190e DTM being perfectly scaled to 1/64th and featured a unique livery designed by the P.C team that brought together two enthusiast-driven niches together. You could say it was a bit of a hit, selling out both online and inside their incredible LA store in a matter of hours, with the resell value now ranging from £1,000 to anything up to £2,500. Seriously – we were amazed too. 

We are delighted to welcome this effortlessly cool brand to our CD Shop, and now is a great time to stock up on some home décor or apparel.