10 ways to wear sunglasses (and keep a secret)

Nothing defines the wearer’s ‘cool’ quotient so instantly and forcefully as sunglasses. We’ve looked through the photo albums of the stars to find 10 classic looks that you might choose to adopt this summer.

Is John F. Kennedy pondering the Soviet threat, as his pensive gaze sweeps across the crowds? Or is he simply dreaming of his next holiday – Hyannis Port, perhaps, with an icy daiquiri in his hand? We’ll never know: the black Wayfarers protect his secret. And has Hunter S. Thompson put himself in the mood for waving his gun around in the desert thanks to grass, LSD or amphetamines? Are his pupils as big as saucers or pin-prick small? Whatever the truth, his privacy is ensured by his Aviators. Meanwhile, Johnny Hallyday could be taking a quick nap while ladies attend to his hair and nails, but his black-lensed sunglasses mean we can only speculate.

Once they step outside the film studio, the stars know to protect their expressions behind dark glasses. And we can learn from them – not just in the selection of timeless sunglasses brands, but also in how to carry off the style. You only have to allow your gold-rimmed Raybans to slide (slightly unevenly) down your nose, while you puff on a cigarette and look unremittingly cool, and there you have it: you’re the spitting image of Keith Richards.


Photos: Getty Images