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The Latini 85 Roma is a light, fast but solid and seaworthy yacht combining the best in design and technology. It invents a new concept that blurs the line between fast racing and perfect cruising. It's built in Italy by Latini Marine and designed by a team of leaders in their fields, Farr Yacht Design, Lazzarini Pickering Architetti and Vittorio Mariani,

After being launched at the beginning of August and two weeks cruising, Roma ITA 535 won the “Maxi Rolex Cup 2005” raced in Porto Cervo during the first week of September. The construction, in pre-impregnated carbon fibre sandwich cured in an oven at 80°, as well as the use of composites for most of the interior elements, has allowed a yacht of extreme stiffness and lightness, considering the generosity of the layout (6 cabins, 5 bathrooms and crew mess), the features and systems. Roma is an extremely light, seaworthy yacht with a slippery hull shape and perfect cruising balance. A perfectly detailed two spreader carbon fibre mast matches racing flexibility and control with ease of use and reliability. The lifting keel combines the latest in racing foil shapes and bulb design.

Farr Away from Home Farr Away from Home

The design of the deck is structured by a single figure – a “slingshot” – that contains all the hatches and most of the equipment. A completely flush deck, without coaming, permits easy and safe movement around the boat thanks to a continuous toe piece, and large generous sundecks. The absence of teak on the deck allows enormous weight advantages and new solutions for alternative comfort. The central cockpit has extraordinary proportions for a boat of this size and permits a multifunctional use with various seating, dining and lounging possibilities.

Farr Away from Home Farr Away from Home

The hull is whole without portlights and its profile is legible in the stern transom that opens completely creating a 4.25m swimming platform.

Structural shelves run the length of the hull, covered in soft white leather panels created by master saddlers, that can be easily dismounted for regattas, maintenance or winter service thanks to zips. The tender, currently being completed, completes the revolutionary concepts of the boat. 4 metres long with dismountable bow, the tender sits on the aft cockpit, continuing the shape of the stern and camber of the deck. Covered with a mattress, its hull creates extra seating. Its cantilevered profile protects from splashes as well as allowing crew to move more windward when the tender becomes a fast sailing skiff.

Roma has been designed as if an America’s Cup contender, patient work in the distribution of the fibres and the precise respect of the weights has allowed the boatyard to even improve on the theoretic values. The hull, deck and structure have been built with the same materials, methods and skills utilised to build the Transpac 52’, the latest racing boat launched by the shipyard.

The complexity of the design and construction has been resolved with an artisan like use of the most advanced technology combined with precise time and cost management. Close collaboration with state-of-the-art suppliers has created a product of the highest level.

For further information please visit www.Latinimarine.com.

Text: Classic Driver
Photos: Latini Marine

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