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Farewell to an era

There have been 97 years of Rolls-Royce production – the 55 years, they were manufactured at the traditional works in Crewe. With the farewell to Crewe at the end of next year, a significant era of the great marque finds it’s end. For that reason, Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motor Cars created a very special goodbye-present for the friends of the marque: the Last of Line Series of Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph...

With a limited edition of 170 units, the last special edition of the Silver Seraph before the transfer to BMW is about to become a desired object for collectors and inverstors.

The exterior of the Last of Line features a duo-tone paint scheme – a homage to the legendary Silver Cloud I, the first Rolls-Royce model to be both Crewe engineered and built.

As the pre-1933 motor cars, the wheels bear the Spirit of Ecstasy on the centre cap and all badging – on the radiator shell, boot and rear quater is finished in red. At the request of Henry Royce, the badge colour changed to black in order to archieve more pleasing blend of colour between the badging and the increasingly range of body colours.

As expected the use of beautifully crafted veneers are a defining feature but this final version is even more special. Rosewood Burr, also as Amboyna Burr - one of the world's most exclusive and prized furniture and cabinet wood veneers. It is also one of the first veneers Rolls-Royce Motor Cars employed for dashboards - and is featured throughout. Its value is five times more than 'standard' walnut veneers and is one of the densest and therefore most challenging to form into the required shapes.

A particular feature of Rosewood Burr is its rich and varied range of colours from yellow and golden browns to rich red browns - ensuring that each of these motor cars will be truly unique in character. The elegantly sculpted waist rails are in solid Cabinet Cherry with Rosewood Burr veneer and the crossbanding throughout is in Oak. All Crewe-built motor cars feature the finest wood finish and this final combination is a true credit to the exceptional talents of the craftsmen and women who work in the Crewe woodshop.

This skill and care is equally evidenced in the detailed marquetry inlay of the Spirit of Ecstasy to the car's waistrails, the quartered veneer design to the picnic tables and the R-R badge finished in marquetry on the radio flap.

Further finishing touches include the veneered door panels and seat switch surrounds and the part-veneered steering wheel. These are complemented by contrast piping on the sumptuous leather seats and the pair of luxurious, curled goose down filled cushions, also with contrast piping and embroidered with the R-R emblem.

As a decent hint, a small badge, set against a British Union flag, stating simply: “Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Crewe, England“.

An era is coming to an end.