Factory Performance Upgrades for 4.3-litre Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Owners of older V8s can now enjoy an extra 20bhp - as well as sharper handling - by having their cars upgraded with both Sports Pack suspension and a revised engine induction system and ECU.

The modification parts (which cost around £1600 for the engine and £3300 for the suspension, with fitting extra) are available immediately through the dealer network. In effect, this brings limited-series, N400 performance to the original 4.3-litre V8.

The company extensively overhauled the successful V8 Vantage in the summer, introducing a larger-capacity (4735cc, 420bhp/470Nm) engine with extensively revised suspension.

With the latest, retrospective-fit upgrade to 4.3-litre cars, not only is power up by 20bhp to 400bhp, but torque is increased too: by 10Nm to 420Nm. Top speed is now 177mph and there is a slight improvement in the 0-60mph time. With its revised ECU, the uprated engine can now recognise - and make use of - higher octane petrol.

The Sports Pack is now fitted to half of all V8 Vantages produced. It answers some of the handling criticisms of the early production cars and comprises uprated springs and Bilstein dampers, together with lightweight, forged-aluminium 5-spoke wheels.

With prices of pre-owned V8s now firmly around the £50k mark, this is a good opportunity to freshen-up an older car with sharper engine performance and handling, rather than buying new.

We found, when testing the N400 earlier this year, a discernible difference made by the better-quality Bilstein components - and definitely snappier performance from the motor.

Text - Steve Wakefield
Photos - Aston Martin

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