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F1 Car Ownership: Now a Step Closer

Owning and running an F1 car has always been exclusive to the super-rich – until now, and the launch of PF1. “The idea is that we’re going to provide motorsport enthusiasts with the opportunity to own and run a late-model F1 car, without any of the associated problems,” said Paul Osborn of Cars International, the road and race car dealership which has set up PF1 in partnership with Cosworth. “A lot of our customers are people who buy Lamborghini and Ferrari road cars and they often express the desire to have a go in a race car. Sometimes they actually do it. They usually start off doing track days and end up in something like a GT2 Porsche, because cars like that are relatively easy and cheap to run.”

While PF1 brings F1 car ownership a step closer, it still requires – unsurprisingly – a major investment. Paul Osborn continues: “The cost of purchasing a post-2000 Formula 1 car starts from £300,000 and there will be a nominal fee of £2500 for membership to Club PF1, which will enable members to run their car at four events per year, at top circuits around Europe.

“When you consider that our customers will own a Formula 1 car, complete with engine, and can sell the car on if they so desire, it starts to become a lot more affordable. It’s also worth noting that PF1 cars are only half the price of a Ferrari Enzo road car.”

The new venture was launched at Silverstone on 12 December, when Martin Brundle put the PF1-liveried 2004 Jaguar R5 through its paces, to the vocal accompaniment of the refitted 2006 Cosworth TJ engine, retuned to produce up to 875bhp. Said Brundle, “The Cosworth V10 power and torque, along with the grippy and driver-friendly Avon racing slicks, was a fast and confidence-inspiring combination. I’m extremely impressed. The car gave me enormous confidence, and everything worked absolutely perfectly.”

PF1 has already acquired a fleet of recent-model Jordans, Jaguars and Super Aguris, while Mark Hynes, who has trained some of the biggest names in Formula 1 (including Raikkonen and Hamilton), will be heading up the driver training element of the programme. PF1 will host exclusive events at circuits such as Silverstone and Spa, with each customer benefiting from training sessions in a PF1-owned F3000 Lola before jumping behind the wheel of their own Formula 1 Car.

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Text: Charis Whitcombe
Photos: Cars International

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