Exclusive to Harrods: Porsche Design Shisha Pipe

Now, why hadn’t someone thought of this before? Of all the places to market a ‘designer shisha pipe’, the upmarket Knightsbridge store Harrods, now owned by the Qatari royal family, is just the place.

And this latest product from the masters of industrial styling, Porsche Design, will be strictly limited to the company’s new store-in-store at Harrods.

Porsche Design already has several smoking products in its range, principally cigar-cases, lighters and – oddly – pipes.

Showing its ability to apply high-tech materials to everyday objects (the ‘shisha’, ‘hookah’ or ‘narghile’ waterpipe has been in use for five centuries or more), the Austro-German company has used aluminium, steel and glass in the new shisha’s 55cm-high design.

It has even used TecFlex for the hose; a material previously used by Porsche Design for its writing products and one similar to that used in automotive high-pressure oil and water hoses. The 55sqm Porsche Design store at Harrods is located on the third floor, as part of the ‘Millionaires Gallery’.

For further information, see www.harrods.com and www.porsche-design.com.

Text: Steve Wakefield
Photos: Porsche Design

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