eRuf Greenster: the Electric Green 911

As Steve Wakefield pointed out in last week’s editorial, the Geneva show covered the full gamut of greener-than-green environment–friendly kit, right through to the tuners with gazillion-horsepower Cayennes in paintbox colours. Well, here’s one that spans both ends of the spectrum: the eRuf Greenster.

The Greenster is essentially an open-top electric 911 with classic Targa styling, finished for the show in – of course – brilliant green paintwork.

Sadly, RUF, the Porsche tuning specialist, clearly felt its press announcement should be written as a stream of marketing gobbledygook, hence it’s tricky to glean facts from the mass of corporate baloney. We’re told early on that “the symbiosis of two leading companies will leverage the best possible synergies for the future of electro-mobility” but only later do we discover that the Greenster’s battery can be recharged in less than an hour using a 400-volt power source.

No performance figures were given but, while the show car sported a single, central 270 kW electric motor with 950Nm of torque, the forthcoming low-volume production series (scheduled for 2010) will feature twin motors. Let’s hope RUF has a new PR officer by then.

Text - Charis Whitcombe
Photos - RUF

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