Editor's Choice: Ferrari 288 GTO

Limited to some of the most desirable and valuable Ferraris ever created, the ‘GTO’ badge is held close to the hearts of Ferraristi the world over. Currently for sale from The Hairpin Company, this particular example – a second-generation GTO, commonly known as the 288 – has another string to its bow of exclusivity: an odometer reading of just 2000 miles.

Less than 1000 Ferraris have ever been graced with the much-revered GTO badge, just 272 of them in the form of the 288 from the mid-1980s. As the Gran Turismo Omologato moniker suggests, the 288 GTO was originally conceived for homologation for Group B – a stillborn road-race series, closely related to Group B rallying. Homologation rules stated that a minimum of 200 road-going cars should be produced, but despite the premature death of the Group B sports car series, Ferrari ended up making 272 examples in order to satisfy demand.

Upon its launch in 1984, the 288 GTO was the fastest production car in the world, thanks to its 189mph top speed. The model offered here was delivered in March 1985 to Switzerland, staying there for several years before a wealthy and persistent Japanese collector finally coaxed it from the owner, adding it to his collection of rare, original, low mileage Ferraris. His offer would likely have been a high one – 288 GTOs were changing hands for more than £1m in the late 1980s.

In 2007 the car was brought to the UK and was serviced by Ferrari specialist Bob Houghton, who also changed all belts – a process repeated in September this year, despite the odometer reading just 2000 miles. The car has been given Ferrari Classiche certification (apparently requiring no work done to achieve this) and “displays a tightness and accuracy that no restoration can recreate” according to the seller. The price? On request, if you please.

For a direct link to the advert, click here. The Hairpin Company's entire inventory can be found in the Classic Driver Marketplace.

Text: Joe Breeze
Photos: The Hairpin Company