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Design Masters: Zagato

Z–Factor High Five: Beauties, beasts and... buggies?

When series–production models are outfitted by Zagato, the results can vary from sublime to borderline offensive. Classic Driver selects four of the Milanese firm's design classics — plus one oddity — currently being offered for sale. read more >>

Ferrari 250 GT Zagato Sanction II: The real deal?

While 'originals' will always be deemed best, it's difficult to see what's not to like about a 'Sanction II' car, says Simon de Burton, as he ponders the pros and cons of such models as this 1957 Ferrari 250 GT long wheelbase TDF, later fitted with a stunning, Zagato–sanctioned body. read more >>

Masters of Design: The Zagatos

An Italian sports car that's light, fast and — most importantly — beautiful? In that case it was probably penned by Zagato, for the great Milanese design house has long shaped the metal on legendary, performance–orientated cars. read more >>

Claudia Cardinale: Natural inspiration for the double bubble...?

What inspired Zagato’s signature double-bubble roof, a naturally curvaceous solution to the problem of creating more headroom? Renaissance domes, perhaps? The hills of Lombardy? Or had the designers simply watched too many Claudia Cardinale movies? read more >>

Text: Classic Driver