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Vintage design: Old is the new new

The newest things are no longer the coolest. With a switch to classic styles becoming mainstream, items which would have been given to the Salvation Army a few years ago are now being hunted and traded for top dollar. A new exhibition in Zurich examines this phenomenon…

For years, Classic Driver has been preaching about living the 'classic life'. Old sneakers, colourful plastic sunglasses and funkily patterned furniture are all the rage now, with points of sale moving from flea markets to established dealers and auction houses. A new exhibition, ‘Vintage – design with a moving past’, has just opened at the Gestaltung Museum in Zurich, exploring the world of retro goods, including the ‘shabby chic’ style which sees brand-new items sold pre-patinated. 

The ‘Vintage – design with a moving past’ exhibition will be at the Gestaltung Museum in Zurich until 6 April 2014. Further information can be found at