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These 12 Italian design classics are just ‘formidabili’

Because of its vibrant lifestyle, Munich is often referred to as ‘the most northerly city of Italy’. It’s rather fitting, then, that Bavarian auction house Quittenbaum will soon hold a sale dedicated to Italian design icons. We’ve chosen our 12 favourites from the catalogue…

Creativity and emotion

While post-War Central European and Scandinavian design is often characterised by its functional and pragmatic aesthetic qualities, Italian design is largely based around emotional creativity. This is evident in the catalogue for Quittenbaum’s auction on 22 September in Munich: it’s full of colourful and wonderfully unconventional furniture and objets d’art, incorporating a wide window of Italian design history. Alongside the everyday objects such as typewriters and televisions that have been given a new character, you’ll also find the occasional Pirelli calendar between the chairs and stools. Below are our favourites – but you can find all 327 lots from the auction in the Classic Driver Market.

12 Italian design icons from the Quittenbaum auction