No Name Design – The nameless staples of everyday life

Behind every successful design is a famous designer – but of the many everyday items you use, could you name the people behind them? The Museum of Arts and Crafts in Hamburg has dedicated a special exhibition to such items, entitled ‘No Name Design’…

The Braun alarm clock by Dieter Rams, the glassfibre chair by Charles and Ray Eames, the kitchen lamp by Konstantin Grcic, and the Apple iPhone by Jonathan Ive. For many products we know and love, the designers behind them are well known to us. But what about the countless other items that enrich our lives every day? ‘No Name Design’ at the Museum for Arts and Crafts in Hamburg is exhibiting more than 1,000 such objects from the collection of Swiss designer Franco Clivio. 

The exhibition is a sort of declaration of love to all those items that aren't included in the great canon of design culture. A real chamber of wonders, the exhibits are divided into 30 showcases photographed by Hans Hansen. A visit to ‘No Name Design’ might well make you appreciate those lesser-known products a little more.  

‘No Name Design’ runs until 3 April 2016 at the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Hamburg. For more information, click here