Drift off on Christmas Day in this custom lounge chair

New York-based jeans brand 3sixteen has teamed up with furniture design company Herman Miller to create a special limited-edition version of the famous Eames Lounge Chair, in which we’d love to kick back and drift off this Christmas Day…

You know that Christmas Day feeling? You’ve been fattened up like a Christmas turkey and given copious quantities of presents, and now all you want to do is put your feet up, dive into a new book... and rest your eyes for a few moments. But getting a seat in the lounge is a bit like getting a seat on a rush-hour train, and the floor beside the Christmas tree just doesn’t cut it any more. What you need is a proper place to sit, and what better to fulfil that need than the Eames Lounge Chair? This new variant has been created by Herman Miller in collaboration with jeans brand 3sixteen, and is made from natural-dyed leather that’s begging for some patina. The only thing missing is a vintage Hermès smoking set and a good Montecristo – if you can stay awake long enough, that is. 

You can find more information about the Herman Mille/3sixteen Eames Lounge Chair here.