Apply reverse thrust with Fallen Furniture’s 737 engine chair

Fallen Furniture has made a name for itself by creating innovative pieces of furniture from authentic reclaimed aircraft parts, inspired by anything from the Art Deco movement of the 1940s to the 21st Century eco-design movement. The 737 Cowling Chair is its latest piece…

At two metres tall and two metres wide, Fallen Furniture’s 737 Cowling Chair is a colossal item of furniture, suitable only for the most lavish of lounges – or super-villain’s lair. The former Boeing 737 engine cowling has been polished to achieve a flawless mirror finish, and lined with a luxury leather interior that’s perfect for an afternoon nap. The places the chair has travelled in its former life should prove the perfect dream material. 

Photo: Fallen Furniture

You can find more information about the 737 Cowling Chair and other items from Fallen Furniture at its official website