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DBR1 back in production!

Whilst the worlds motoring press buzzes over the new Aston Martin DB9 and the marque’s return to international motor racing, another version of Aston Martin’s most famous sports racing car emerges, a one-half scale ‘junior’ prototype in the form of the 1959 World Sportscar Championship winning DBR1.

The Pur Sang-Rose DBR1

DBR1 back in production! The scale car is a meticulous recreation of the original, powered by an electric motor with a rechargeable battery, and features fully articulated suspension, rack and pinion steering and twin braking system. The bodywork, hand formed in aluminium alloy over a steel tubular frame even has the original pattern, wire rolled edges to the wheel arches. The specially sourced seat covering is made of the original woven fabric, used on the seats of the 1959 Le Mans winner. The wood rimmed steering wheel and original pattern appliquéd instrument panel are true to its big brothers form. The alloy rimmed wheels, steel spoked and secured by ‘knock off’ spinners are faithful to the Borranis used by the Aston Martin racing team. Hand cut, period pattern Dunlop Racing style tyres are fitted. The electrical system includes working head and tail lamps and an ‘electronic exhaust’ sound system featuring authentic recordings of the Aston Martin DBR1’s distinctive bark.

Manufactured by Pur Sang of Argentina, the PS-R DBR1 prototype faithfully and accurately recreates the excitement and aura of the original. Having gauged public reaction a limited production series will commence with a run of 10 examples. The prototype car was first shown in the UK at the Aston Martin factory at Gaydon, Warwickshire on 4 December 2003. Under the appreciative eye of Aston Martin CEO Dr Ulrich Bez (whose familiarity with the DBR1 car was confirmed when he raced one of the originals in the 2002 Le Mans Classic) the factory representatives were duly impressed.

After its public debut at Retromobile in Paris, the car will be on view in London, displayed at the Aston Martin specialist dealers Nicholas Mee & Co who will be more than happy to advise on delivery dates and prices.

About The Aston Martin DBR1

Arguably the most beautiful sports-racing car of all time, the ASTON MARTIN DBR1 not only won the prestigious Le Mans 24 hours in 1959 (driven by Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori) but also went on to win the World Sportscar Championship in that same year.

Exactly 5 of these iconic machines were produced by the Aston Martin Racing Department under the highly respected management of John Wyer, who’s expertise was later to lead both Ford and Porsche to their Le Mans victories.

About Pur Sang of Argentina

Pur Sang is a firm of skilled craftsmen who need no introduction to those familiar with the world of Bugattis. Pur Sang Type 35 recreations are admired around the world for their incredible authenticity and quality execution. Over 3000 parts are produced by hand and on site to build their exquisite automobiles.

Pur Sang is well-acquainted with the concept of the junior car, as they also replicate the Bugatti Type 52, which was a child’s version of the 35 created by Ettore Bugatti originally for his son Jean and which later entered official series production as a Bugatti type.

Just time left to see the PS-R DBR1 at Retromobile: STAND B-80!


Don Rose
FAX +1.978.744.7678
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UK Contact
Nicholas Mee
FAX +44.(0)208.741.7422
[email protected]

The PS-R DBR1 at Retromobile

Text/Photos: Pur-Sang Rose