Concertino for iPod

The Concertino is a combination of a tube based audio-amplifier and full range speakers designed and tuned exclusively for use with Apple's iPod. What makes Concertino unique is his perfect sound in spite of its amazingly small size and its modern form. In addition, it blends perfectly into contemporary ambience.

Concertino is "designed for iPod" in every respect. Both iPod and Concertino excel through great simplicity and usability as well as their high quality. The playful combination of "old" and "new" technology is exceptional, the result more than convincing. The Concertino is the first and only product with which you can reproduce the music from your iPod in audiophile quality.

Needless to say that via a second port you can also adapt all kinds of traditional audio equipment like CD players etc. to your Concertino. AirPort Express even offers the possibility of a wireless connection of the iMac and the Concertino so you can listen to your music library.

The idea to unite the best of traditional and modern technology is vigorously executed. If you decide to go for a tube based amplifier nowadays, you do so mainly for two reasons: First, because of its special, charming spectrum of tone colours which even today can only be accomplished with tube technology. Second, for love of "traditional" technology. Just like the vinyl record has never lost its appeal to many, and just like mechanical watches have been rediscovered by a large group of aficionados, for HiFi addicts, only a tube based amplifier is considered the true heart of an excellent sound system. Due to the increasing digitalization both in the professional and the private realm, there is an increasing wish to possess comprehensible and authentic products which are characterized by an uncomplicated operation. What has become attractive again is the reduction of function to the essential, not exuberance. This is why tube technology experiences a revival despite having been declared dead after the invention of the transistor. Whoever gets used to the richness of tone of the tubes, will disdain the synthetic, cool sound of a transistor for the rest of his life. Moreover, this "old" technology is more apt than anything else to compensate for the sound distortions of today's music productions and data reduction by its wonderful "analogue charm".

And just like that, the warm glow and the soft glimmering of the tubes are an overwhelming visual delicacy.

The Concertino is 100% made in Germany. For its production only components of highest quality are used. Take the enclosure, for example: it consists of solid aluminium and hardened glass, and its multi-layered paint is applied by hand.

The Concertino is compatible to iPod models of the generations 1 through 4, iPod mini as well as AirPort Express.

A mini-stereo to RCA cable, a power cord, special triple core speaker cables of 4 meters/approx. 13 feet of length with professional screw connectors are included in the Concertino package. Cable extensions and speaker stands of the same design can be ordered separately.

The Concertino is available in Germany at 3.200,- Euro, including 16% sales tax. Customers from outside Germany should contact Goldster by email for a quote of the Concertino retail price in their respective country.

For further information and more detailed information of the Concertino's technology please visit

Text/Photos: Goldster Audio

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