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You can choose from 3,663 collectables in this Goliath auction

At Schuler’s summer auction in Zurich on 24–27 June 2019, collectors require abundant expertise and a keen sense of discovery to scour more than 3,600 works of art, collectables, and vintage accessories…

Whether they’ve got old vinyl records, stamp albums, or historic Le Mans racing cars in their basements, collectors will agree that there’s no greater thrill than digging through vast treasure troves to discover that long-awaited object. We were reminded of that as we perused the 3,663 lots that form Schuler’s auction later this week in the Classic Driver Market to select our 10 favourites. Most of the items we selected we had no idea existed. But now we do, we can’t them regardless of their price. Let’s face it, life is possible but pointless without a Japanese sheet-metal robot, a vintage neon sign by Peter Stuyvesant, an IWC military watch, a 1930s Leica with a matching case, or an aluminium chair by Marcel Breuer. Born collectors will understand exactly what we’re talking about. The entire catalogue can be found listed in the Classic Driver Market

Our 10 favourites from Schuler in Zurich