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These porcelain plates are curved works of art

The artists Markus Haub and Susana de Val have travelled to all the most important passes in the Alps with their beloved Porsche 911. Now, they’ve dedicated a ceramic series of decorative plates to the most beautiful curves…

There are people who can draw the curve profiles of the great Alpine passes from memory. Those same people would probably still recognise the Stelvio or Furka passes from its hairpins, straights and sweeping bends if they were blindfolded in the passenger seat. Markus Haub and his partner Susana de Val belong to this species of curve connoisseurs. With their modified Porsche 911, the pair has travelled across the Alps time and time again, recording their tours with photography and video. For the continuation of this art project, they’ve chosen a medium that Porsche enthusiasts will more commonly associate with high-performance brakes than limited-edition artworks: porcelain. Titled Ceramic Curves, they have developed a series of 16 unique handmade plates on which their six favourite passes are portrayed with GPS coordinates and map lines. Six black plates are reminiscent of nights beneath starry Alpine skies, while six white plates symbolise winter in the mountains. There are also four plates that depict Haub’s characteristic Porsche 911. We’re certain that even the most impatient of curve hunters won’t skip their breakfast with these inspiring plates in the cupboard! 

You can find more information about Ceramic Curves on Markus Haub’s website and Instagram channel.