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Collectors’ dreams come true at Schuler’s next auction in Zurich

From a vintage Leica to a MV Agusta racing machine to a vintage Pomerol to a classic Patek Philippe, Schuler’s Spring Auction, taking place from 18 to 22 March in Zurich, has something to satisfy every collector’s own personal desire.

Zurich-based auction house Schuler has been inviting its customers to its big seasonal auctions four times a year for 35 years. Unlike other auction houses, which offer the most popular items available, Schuler's catalogues always contain a diverse selection of works of art, collectibles, antiques and design icons. Amongst the thousands of lots consigned to each auction, collectors of all kinds are sure to find something to take home, whether it be a Tibetan work of art, an Art Nouveau vase, a hunting pistol from the 18th century, a walking stick with a dog’s head on top or a tin toy. With many estimates already set at a just a few hundred francs, you don’t need a big budget to acquire your next collector’s item. Even with the historical antiques, you can find some fantastic pieces of furniture in view of the current low market prices.

We visited Schuler’s showroom in Zurich this week and were amazed at the huge selection of artworks and beautiful pieces exhibited over three floors for its upcoming auction. Of course, we were particularly impressed by two motorcycles from a private Swiss owner: a 1971 MV Agusta 350S and a 1973 MV Agusta 350 Electronica, both estimated at 13,000 to 17,000 francs. The equivalent classic car classic couldn’t be found at Schuler, but there were plenty of historic toy cars made of sheet metal, such as a Porsche 356 and an Aston Martin DB5 James Bond. Unsurprisingly, amongst the numerous watches on offer, there was a Patek Philippe Nautilus that we would have liked to have strapped around our wrists. And amongst the design objects, we were struck by an aluminium armchair by Marcel Breuer and a Memphis lamp by Matteo Thun, whilst the dusty vintage wine bottles of renowned chateaus, such as Margaux, Mouton Rothschild or Petrus, were very tempting — who wouldn’t want to uncork some of the best wines from some of the greatest winemakers?

Photos: Jan Baedeker for Classic Driver © 2019

Schuler’s Spring Auction starts on 18 March, with numerous lots available online, and ends 20–22 March with a live auction in Zurich. The entire catalogue can be found in the Classic Driver Market.