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Be the author of your car’s story with MotorMemo

Every car has a story to tell — but it’s up to you to document it for them. The MotorMemo log book allows you to pen their entire histories, from identification numbers to oil services, in one purposeful place…

Log it

As a classic car owner himself, French graphic designer François Borzellino found a need to organise his car’s growing history — MOT certificates, service stamps and invoices, registration documents — and thus created MotorMemo. These log books provide a space to document your car’s history from start to finish. Comprised of a minimalistic cardboard cover and 60 pages of 100% recycled paper, the book is divided into six chapters: identification, features, history, owners, maintenance, and memos; can be individually numbered; and can be printed in four different languages: English, German, French, and Italian. With its vintage design, the MotorMemo log book would look just at home in your beloved car’s glovebox as it would on your office bookshelf.

Photos: MotorMemo

You can find MotorMemo log books in the Classic Driver Market.