Will Wolverine make a better Enzo Ferrari than Batman?

Riding the high of playing X-Men superhero Wolverine in his final instalment of the series, Hugh Jackman is supposedly in talks to play the leading role of Enzo Ferrari in a new biopic. But will the toned Aussie be able to transform himself into one of motorsport’s biggest heavyweights in time?

Known for his extreme weight transformations, which helped win him an Oscar for his role in The Fighter, Christian Bale was originally set to undergo the metamorphosis into Enzo Ferrari, but he soon abandoned the role, as he supposedly feared he wouldn’t be able to gain weight in time. Will the Aussie, who was in prime shape following his latest Wolverine movie, be able to pack on the necessary pounds? As the film will be covering a very emotional and sensitive year in Ferrari’s life — 1957, just a year after his son’s death, when a manslaughter charge was laid after a Ferrari crashed at the Mille Miglia, killing 12 people— we hope that Jackman will be able to dig deep and pull out some serious acting chops to do this great, enigmatic man justice. If he can resist the urge to break out in a melodramatic song, Les Miserable-style, it may work. Otherwise, we may have to shine a bat signal into the sky and hope Bale will have a change of heart…

Photos: Rainer W. Schlegelmilch via Getty Images

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