Where dreams come true: discover the new Classic Driver Markets

Those who appreciate the finer things in life aren’t solely interested in classic cars – hence Classic Driver is expanding, to bring you an entire lifestyle, with distinctive, intriguing products from around the world...

In the coming months, you will find not just top-quality classic automobiles, motorcycles and boats in the Classic Driver Market, but also watches, real estate, art, design, aircraft, fashion, luggage, wine… and a host of other collectibles from international vendors. While major auction houses will continue to play a key role, dealers and even private individuals are invited to enrich the new Classic Driver Market with fine products of all kinds.

Our new Market: an overview

Cars: 15 years of classic automobiles online

For 15 years, Classic Driver has been a byword for classic cars on the internet. It’s a reputation we are proud of – and we will continue to offer increasing numbers of genuinely high-quality classic and modern cars, from sellers worldwide.


Motorcycles: on their own two wheels

As well as our four-wheeled offerings, we have for many years covered classic bikes from such brands as BMW, Ducati and Triumph. Now, motorcycles will be given their own niche on Classic Driver – with a gradually expanding market of two-wheeled collectibles.


Auctions: in the fast lane

Major auction houses – RM, Gooding and Sotheby’s, plus Bonhams, Artcurial and Coys – have discovered the potential of Classic Driver’s auctions section, where we have a long history of presenting lotlists, car details, estimates and results. By expanding this section beyond simply cars and motorbikes, we will enrich our entire Market – and offer at-a-glance auction previews in their own, dedicated section.


Classic Life: collectibles of all kinds

Here you’ll find everything without wheels. Now ready to roll out, Classic Driver’s new lifestyle section will – in the coming weeks and months – come alive with products and collectibles from diverse markets and international sources.

Photos: Getty Images