Swimming with Jayne Mansfield (and her sisters)

What would you do when faced with not one, but 50 Jayne Mansfields lounging around in a pool…?

The controversies which Jayne Mansfield brought to 1950s Hollywood had everyone sweating. One of the first ‘bombshells’ (and an inspiration for the Barbie doll), she offered those she considered closest a dip in her heart-shaped swimming pool, located in the garden of her ‘Pink Palace’. Walking on pink rugs on their way through the house, guests (who included Robert and John F. Kennedy) would have passed statues of Cupid and refilled their glasses at the champagne fountain.

Built by her second husband Miklós 'Mickey' Hargitay (an actor, bodybuilder and - apparently - plumber...), the pool provided the perfect backdrop for a Life Magazine photoshoot, in which she posed with more than three dozen inflatables clones. After all, if she had to share the limelight with anybody, she would only have chosen herself…


Photos: Getty Images