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Step into the mind of Alejandro De Tomaso in WAFT’s latest book

Founded in 1959 by ambitious Argentine racing driver Alejandro De Tomaso, the De Tomaso tale is one of trials and tribulations, which ultimately led to some of the world’s most loved supercars. Now, in WAFT’s latest book, the full De Tomaso story is told…

For some, the love of racing is distilled into them from an age before they can even walk or talk. Their minds are consumed by a love of speed and performance, only to grow up and realise their life-long ambition. That was exactly how Alejandro De Tomaso's life of cars began, who dreamed of owning his own car manufacturer, one that rivalled Jaguar and Ferrari. Alejandro started his career as a test driver for OSCA in Bologna, Italy, and his skills in all things mechanical became evident almost immediately and his mind was bursting with ambition and grand ideas. This all sounds like the perfect novel, and thanks to WAFT Publishing, the De Tomaso story finally comes to life in their latest book.

Tired of the same mechanical issues repeatedly appearing during his time as a test driver, De Tomaso put his name on the line and decided to go it alone in 1959, establishing a company specialising in single-seaters and prototypes. Alejandro had a team of around a dozen technicians and mechanics assembling single-seater cars, which he would regularly race in, firmly putting his time and money where his mouth was, with cars entering a multitude of racing categories, from Junior to F1. Perhaps one of his most notable creations was the famous De Tomaso 505, designed by none other than Giampaolo Dallara, which would bring the De Tomaso name into the spotlight. The outfit even ventured into Formula 2 and Formula 3, using lightweight alloy that enabled them to be incredibly fast, despite them having engines deemed “underperforming” by industry professionals.

In this incredibly in-depth 276-page production that's available in two variants, every turn of the page brings an insight into the journey Alejandro and his ever-growing team went on to create their race machines, as well as the products they are arguably most well-known for: their road cars. From the Pantera to the Mangusta, each one was a true work of art that captured the passion and flair that De Tomaso possessed. 

Researched and written by Professor Paolo Tumminelli, the book recalls the tantalising story in full, spanning his earliest years, as well as his lavish and sometimes questionable cravings and downfalls, while also celebrating his achievements, the beautiful supercars, his friendships and relationships, some of which turned sour. Inside, expect to encounter previously unseen imagery and bespoke illustrations that peek behind the curtain to reveal how some of the brand’s most successful cars and race machines came to fruition. 

We are delighted to have “De Tomaso. Rise and Fall” now available to purchase in the CD Shop, making the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for any Italian car lover!