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Snapshot, 1983: Cloth seats clearly have their advantages

In the early 1980s, leather seats were a must for anyone buying a sports car. But there are situations when the chequered fabric seats of a Golf Cabriolet are superior to a Porsche’s supple black leather chairs – on this textile-free ride from the beach home, for example…

Although the dress code in Saint-Tropez has become a little more modest since the early 1970s, Pampelonne beach still embraces the motto of good old Ludwig Mies van der Rohe – less is more! And those who want to buy a few melons from the store on the way home from the beach, like the driver of this Golf, simply rely on the G-string, recently imported from Brazil to the Mediterranean. More interesting than the discourses on public bathing in this shot by the Paris Match photographer Jack Garofalo, however, is how the ‘strawberry basket’ from Wolfsburg is going to conquer the life-size game of car park Tetris. 

Photo: Jack Garofalo/Paris Match via Getty Images