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Snapshot, 1981: Lowering a Lotus, James Bond style

What to do when you’re James Bond, but your new company car is somewhat lacking in the ‘Q’ special features department? Simple – delve into your little black book and recruit some of your recent female acquaintances to give you a helping hand…

We’d like to imagine that Roger Moore was rather disappointed when presented with his new company car for the upcoming James Bond thriller For Your Eyes Only in 1980. Unlike his previous caboose, the legendary supercar-cum-submarine Lotus Esprit S1 with its raft of hidden weapons, the new metallic orange Lotus Esprit Turbo was a cushy and well-behaved cruiser for gentlemen in early retirement. 

Even the somewhat pretentious ski rack on the rear window couldn’t live up to the razor-sharp lines of Giugiaro’s original design. But being James Bond automatically means you have a solution to any problem. At this photo call in front of the Park Hotel in London, the seven latest ‘Bond Girls’ are giving him a helping hand by lowering the Lotus by at least four inches, making it look immediately more agile and aggressive. Whether Roger Moore is enjoying the ‘for his eyes only’ view from the inside or simply taking a day off from the tiring press schedule, we like to think that the disadvantages to the Lotus’ weight distribution are offset by the car’s improved overall design. 

Photo: Getty Images