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Snapshot, 1980: The Monaco Grand Prix is a real lip-biter

It’s 18 May 1980, and the Monaco Grand Prix is well underway. A well-established event for the glamourous and beautiful Jet Set, Margaux Hemingway watches from the terrace of the Brazilian Consulate as the cars zip past…

After a crash at the start of the race — where Derek Daly collided with Bruno Giacomelli's Alfa Romeo 179, causing Daly's Tyrrell 010 to fly over Giacomelli and land between teammate Jean-Pierre Jarier and Alain Prost's McLaren M29 — every spectator was on edge with excitement and anticipation for the rest of the race, especially Margaux Hemingway, the beautiful and fun-loving granddaughter of famous writer Ernest Hemingway. Argentinian Carlos Reutemann will go on to win the race in his Williams FW07B — his 10th Formula 1 victory — and put Williams in the lead for the Constructors’ Championship.

Photos: Jean-Claude Deutsch/Paris Match via Getty Images