Snapshot, 1974: Mucking out the stables of Sant’Agata

As a former farmer and tractor manufacturer, nobody knows the importance of a clean stable like Ferruccio Lamborghini. Unfortunately, this knowledge will do little to help against the real problem facing Lamborghini right now: the oil crisis…

The gentleman sweeping the cigarette butts from the floor of the Lamborghini delivery hall in Sant’Agata looks dejected, and for good reason. Even the freshly polished Espadas, Jaramas and Urracos are refusing to leak their precious oil, as though aware of the global crisis currently crippling the company. As a result, orders for the latest Lamborghinis are scarce, and the company will change hands several times over the coming years in a bid to avoid impending administration. Who could possibly imagine that, in over 40 years’ time, these raging bulls will be increasing in price quicker than they can empty their fuel tanks. 

Photo: Jean-Claude Deutsch/Paris Match via Getty Images