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Snapshot, 1974: Majestic musings in Monte-Carlo

It’s August 1974, and in Casino Square in Monte-Carlo, two women epitomise the glitz and glamour of the principality as they muse beside a suitably opulent Rolls-Royce…

There’s nowhere on earth quite like Monte-Carlo. In the summer months, the heart of the principality that sits on the clear-blue shores of the Côte d’Azur attracts sun-seeking tourists and the Jet Set alike, both enchanted by its effortless depiction of the luxury lifestyle. The two women pictured look entirely at home as they chat, seemingly without a care in the world, alongside a regal Rolls-Royce — a car that, in this particular part of the world, could be deemed as ‘run of the mill’. 

Photo: Paris Match via Getty Images