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Snapshot, 1973: Is it a bird? No, it’s James Bond, silly!

It’s 1973, and on the set of the next James Bond thriller ‘Live and Let Die’ in the Louisiana marshes, stuntman Jerry Comeaux, playing an evading 007, has just inadvertently set a new World Record for the longest speedboat jump — 120 feet… 

As James Bond hops and skips from bayou to bayou in the Louisiana marshes in a daring escape from Sheriff Pepper, there’s one jump that not even Roger Moore has the guts to tackle. So, stuntman Jerry Comeaux steps in and captains one of the 26 Glastron speedboats that had been specially adapted to be more stable in the air for the making of the film. After over 100 practice jumps, the final take is shot and it’s a peach — so much so that Comeaux smashes the World Record for a long-distance boat jump and glides for around 120 feet, a record that will stand for three years. Now, if that’s not show business, we’re not sure what is. 

Photo: Bettmann via Getty Images