Snapshot, 1973: All is not lost for team JCB at Le Mans

It’s June 1973, and after toiling through the night at Le Mans, the Ferrari Daytona of J.C. Bamford Excavators Ltd. has retired with gearbox problems…

It had been going so well for Willie Green and Neil Corner in their Ferrari Daytona, with the former’s lap-after-lap battle with the BMW 3.0 CSL of Hans-Joachim Stuck being seared into the memory of every spectator who was lucky enough to witness it. Unfortunately, the war of attrition was lost in the early hours when the car’s gearbox gave way. But while the bright yellow Ferrari won’t have the pleasure of crossing the finish line in the 50th running of the endurance thriller (particularly frustrating given another French-entered Daytona will take the spoils in the GT class), Anthony Bamford’s Corgi sponsorship deal means the car will live on in miniature form and inspire a younger generation of budding racing drivers. 

Photo: R. W. Schlegelmilch via Getty Images

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