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Snapshot, 1971: Jackie Stewart perfects the Champagne shower

It’s July 1971, and Jackie Stewart celebrates a win at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix by taking a nip from an oversized bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne that he had ceremoniously sprayed over his competitors, teammates, and fans alike…

While the act of shaking a magnum bottle of one of the most prestigious forms of sparkling wine and spraying the geyser of liquid gold over everyone around — a performance that has now become synonymous with motorsport — was first performed by Californian Dan Gurney when he won the 1967 Le Mans 24 Hour race, it was supposedly Stewart who was the first to bring the celebratory exploit to Formula 1. And with over 25 wins to his name, the successful Scotsman and motorsport legend became well versed in giving commemorative bubbly showers — resulting in a partnership with Moët and Chandon that would go on to last over 47 years, long after his motorsport career ended. What better way to shake things up?

Photo: Chris Smith / Popperfoto via Getty Images