Snapshot, 1970: Keep your eyes on the road, gents!

It’s August 1970, and the March pits have become an attraction of their own — less for their cars and more for their new ‘unofficial’ timekeepers, the lovely Barbro Edvardsson and Simone Siffert, the devoted partners of Ronnie Peterson and Jo Siffert…

Although this year’s German GP is taking place at the Hockenheim circuit, as the Grand Prix Drivers' Association refused to race at the Nürburgring due to neglected safety work, we think these two pretty ladies might be more of a distraction than the last-minute change of venue.

This hasn’t proven true yet, as the weekend has gotten off to a fairly good start, with Jo Siffert in his March 701 keeping up with the front of the pack and finishing 4th on the grid during qualifying. Team member Ronnie Peterson hasn’t had quite as good a run, finishing near the back of the pack in 19th position. Unfortunately, race day will prove to be challenging for the Marches, with both cars retiring due to engine issues — a mere three laps from the finish for Siffert and the ‘Super Swede’ only getting 19 in. We aren’t sure how much of the scenery had an effect, but luckily both racers have a nice pair of shoulders to cry on.

Photo: Rainer W. Schlegelmilch via Getty Images