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Snapshot, 1969: Strike a pose on the slopes with ‘Vogue’

With adverts like this, who isn’t wishing for a snowsuit this Christmas? Unlike the bulky parkas of the past, this new, streamlined suit by Fursalp for Beconta not only makes you more agile on the slopes, but it also shows off all your curves — we may have to give Christmas dinner a pass this year…

With the invention of the nylon wind shirt by Beconta and the sporty yet slender snowsuit silhouette by Fusalp, the ski slopes have become less of an athletic hotspot and more of a mobile fashion runway — just take this advertisement from Vogue magazine as an example. Even though she may be sat atop a snowmobile, that crease in her trousers tell us she’s not here for a sporty go down the mountain. So, if you’re looking to impress your ski instructor with both your skills and your style, make sure to add this snowsuit by Fusalp for Beconta to your Christmas wish list — you still have 24 hours before Father Christmas slides down your chimney!

Photo: Franco Rubartelli / Condé Nast via Getty Images