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Snapshot, 1969: Caution, wild animals at large!

In the Italian countryside one may be used to seeing all kinds of animals, but we doubt the driver of this Fiat Dino expected to see supermodel Veruschka run past in a wild animal-print hooded dress…

It’s 1969, and Countess Vera Gottliebe Anna von Lehndorff-Steinort, better known for her stage name of Veruschka, stands before the camera in a voluminous leopard-print dress for a Vogue photoshoot. The top model is flanked by actors Max Brunell and Carlo Ortiz — the latter in a slightly less daring tiger-print pant. Or are they the zig-zag stripes of a zebra? A mystery that could only be solved by Sir Richard Attenborough…but we digress. After looking over the striking image one more time, the observer may also wonder whether the orange Fiat Dino is part of the ensemble or if the driver has been distracted by the wild creatures at the side of the road and lost control? But, it is the wild sixties after all, and the laws of logic need not apply for a few more years, at least. What a wonderful time!

Photo: Franco Rubartelli / Condé Nast Collection via Getty Images