Snapshot, 1968: ‘No room for the dog, Richard?’

Who needs an air-conditioned SUV in the summer months? As French singer Richard Anthony shows, you can chauffeur your loved ones to the beach astride a small Yamaha. It saves walking the dog, too…

We had always admired the French rock-n-roller Richard Anthony for his collection of Ferraris. However, while he was spotted in St. Tropez tinkering with his Ferrari 250 GTE in 1964, four years later he had traded it in for something a little more modest. With his red summer outfit, hair blowing in the wind, he roared around the Côte d’Azur on his little Yamaha, sometimes with wife Michèle and their two children on board. If it weren’t for the fierce heat in the South of France, the dog would probably have enjoyed the chase. 

Photo: Philippe Le Tellier / Getty Images