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Snapshot, 1968: It’s safety first for Nino Benvenuti

It’s 1968, and the Italian boxer Nino Benvenuti takes the necessary safety precautions as he enjoys his classic Italian drop-top. We mean, how else is the middleweight champion of the world expected to transit from the villa to the pool or the tennis court?

Okay, so the convertible belongs to Benvenuti’s children and, to be honest, we’ve no idea why the broad boxer has contorted himself into such a small car. In fact, as he zooms around the grounds of his vast villa, we’re half expecting the Benny Hill theme to start playing. Having just been voted ‘Fighter of the Year’ by The Ring magazine, Benvenuti is in a jolly mood, and rightly so. Perhaps it’s time to buy a full-size sports car, Nino?

Photo: Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images