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Snapshot, 1967: Into thin air with Gianni Agnelli

It’s February 1967, and Gianni Agnelli is looking for a little rest and relaxation in between the launch of his new Fiat Dino at two of the biggest motor shows, the Turin Motor Show and the Geneva Motor Show…

Nobody does R&R like Fiat president Agnelli, and nobody does it in such style. Why pack up the car, drive to the ski resort, ride the lifts, and go for a run on an over-crowded hill when you can just hop in your personal helicopter, land on a secluded mountain, and carve through the fresh powder at your own leisure with some of your closest friends? Agnelli had the same sentiments. And as the day draws closer to an end, the helicopter ride will be the perfect place to enjoy some downtime before the après-ski festivities, which are bound to be just as exclusive and chic.

Photo: David Lee via Getty Images