Snapshot, 1967: No rest for the wicked at Daytona

Exhausted, both physically and mentally, after winning the 1967 24 Hours of Daytona, Works Ferrari drivers Chris Amon and Lorenzo Bandini try their best to enjoy the celebrations, with a little welcome help from Miss Firebird…

Despite the overwhelming joy and adrenalin following their win, Amon and Bandini look in no mood to celebrate perched atop their Ferrari 330 P4 prototype, and understandably so. Even the presence of ‘Winkie Louise’, aka Miss Firebird, does little to alleviate the fatigue inflicted by 666 laps of the demanding Daytona circuit, completed at an average speed of 105.7mph. The race was a textbook (and much-needed) 1-2-3 victory for Ferrari, sealed with a spectacular three-abreast photo finish. Though it would only win one more race at Monza in 1967, Ferrari would do just enough to secure victory in the International Championship for Sports-Prototypes.

Photo: ISC Archives via Getty Images

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