Snapshot, 1967: Drive carefully, Johnny!

It's June 21, 1967, and Johnny Hallyday’s still smoking a cigarette just moments before taking his Ford Mustang around the Montlhery circuit. Meanwhile, his wife Sylvie Vartan is on security detail...

Johnny Hallyday is at the peak of his popularity in France. The singer is considered a French version of Elvis Presley and a prophet of the rock 'n' roll revolution in Europe — known for celebrating with Jimi Hendrix and taking to the streets of Paris with Bob Dylan. As for his love of automobiles, Hallyday has a thing for the bubbling V8 cruisers from America. Today, at the Coupes de l'Automobile Club d'île de France, he steers his Ford Mustang through the finish line with true rock star nonchalance. Hallyday is anything but a show driver, however — earlier in the year, he drifted his Mustang over snowy Alpine passes with Henri Chemin at the Monte Carlo Rally. And even later in life, he won’t let go of his love for fast cars, as it’s said he’ll own both a Ferrari 275 GTB and an Iso Grifo A3C, among others.

On 6 December 2017, Johnny Hallyday passed away, but he will forever remain in our memories as a real cowboy, riding his Mustang into the sunset — with the horizon ahead of him and the butt of a cigarette in his mouth.

Photo: Photo Reporters Associes / Gamma Rapho via Getty Images