Snapshot, 1966: No heated seats for Brigitte Bardot

It’s January 1966, and Méribel is up ahead. Brigitte Bardot is on her way to her luxury chalet in her Rolls-Royce, which she uses to go shopping – glamorous, certainly, but practical? Perhaps not…

A Rolls-Royce is a rare spot, even in the wealthy destinations of Paris or Cannes, so it’s particularly surprising to see Brigitte Bardot lost on the icy roads of the French Alps at the wheel of ‘the best car in the world’. However comfortable the Roller might be on the intercontinental highways, the heavy British barge poses a real challenge on the narrow, snow-covered roads. Fortunately, a cavalier is always on hand to help a damsel in distress. When Bardot loses her footing on the ice and falls, the future president of the French Republic, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, lends her his hand. Bizarrely, he’s bitten by a dog before Bardot can accept – at least the tabloid press wasn’t twiddling its thumbs in the winter of 1966. 

Photo by Francois Gragnon/Paris Match via Getty Images