Snapshot, 1966: Darling, my name is not Maurice Micklewhite!

It’s 1967, and Michael Caine does not look amused with his current squeeze, the Swedish actress Camilla Sparv. Perhaps she’s unwilling to use his stage name, instead referring to him by his birth name, Maurice Micklewhite?

The famous British actor has been courting the svelte Swedish beauty for some time now, but spiel from the press about the pair’s forthcoming marriage – claims that are completely unfounded – are irritating him, and it’s beginning to show. Suffice to say, Sparv will not remain on the scene for much longer. Alas, there are plenty more fish in the sea, Michael – or should we say Maurice? In 50 years’ time, Micklewhite will officially change his name when security guards in airports simply cannot believe his name isn’t really Michael Caine.

Photo: Terry O'Neill via Getty Images

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