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Snapshot, 1965: Who needs the Côte d’Azur when you have the River Thames?

It’s a lovely day in London in September 1965, and what better way to end the summer than with a boat ride around the Thames? Now model — and later to be ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ actor — Joanna Lumley and her beautiful captain friend bring a bit of glamour to the murky river water…

While walking along South Bank, most wouldn’t take a peak over the railings at the choppy, muddy brown water below and think that a boat ride would be a good idea — but after one glimpse at Joanna Lumley and her gorgeous friend zipping past in their little motorboat, and the boat rental queues along the shore must surely be going through the roof. With a good waterproof jumpsuit and patterned jumper, these two could make any body of water look absolutely fabulous.

Photo: David Cairns / Express via Getty Images

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