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Snapshot, 1965: Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood share a warming winter snifter

It’s January 1965, and contrary to how it appears on the set of Blake Edwards’ ‘The Great Race’, things between Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood’s on-screen characters, The Great Leslie and Maggie Dubois, are heating up...

Let us fill you in on how The Great Race from New York to Paris is going. While a snowstorm on the Bering Strait rages, Leslie and newspaper reporter-cum-suffragette Maggie Dubois keep warm in The Leslie Special, parked alongside the sole remaining competitor and Leslie’s sworn nemesis, Professor Fate, played by Jack Lemmon. It’s now, over a rather chilly glass of fizz, that the duo begins to realise the chemistry between them. And this will only escalate — by the time they reach Paris, and in a bid to show Dubois just how much he loves her, Leslie will concede the race to Fate before marrying his newfound love. Unbeknownst to us, Curtis — a notorious womaniser — will drum up a secret love affair with Wood in real life. We wonder if it was the Champagne or the cold that brought the two together?

Photo: Sunset Boulevard / Corbis via Getty Images