Snapshot, 1965: David Bailey rolls through London

It’s August 1965, and photographer (and renowned womaniser) David Bailey has just tied the knot with the French actress, Catherine Deneuve. In a drop-top Rolls-Royce, the couple cruises through London – the culmination of the ‘Swinging Sixties’…

As the chronicler of the Swinging Sixties, David Bailey played an essential part in the creative scene, famously documenting the stars of the time, including the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Vogue magazine alone printed hundreds of his fashion photographs over the years – the magazine’s then-US Creative Director Grace Koddington later reported, “It was the sixties, a wild time, and David Bailey was devastatingly handsome. Every woman wanted to stand in front of his camera.”

One of the ladies in Bailey’s focus was the young French actress Catherine Deneuve, who had risen to fame thanks to a role in Roman Polanski’s 1965 flick, ‘Repulsion’. On 19 August, the glamorous pair married in London but Bailey, known as the ‘eternal bachelor’, would be eligible again by 1972. 

Photo: Getty Images