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Snapshot, 1964: It’s the BMW or bust for Claudia Cardinale

It’s 1964, and on the set of the Italian film ‘Sandra’, in the small Tuscan town of Volterra, Claudia Cardinale and her on-screen husband, Michael Craig, anxiously wait for director Luchino Visconti to call ‘Action!’ Still, there are worse things to look at while they wait than a BMW 507…

In the Venice Film Festival award-winning flick Sandra, Claudia Cardinale plays Sandra herself — an Italian lady returning to her childhood Tuscan town for a memorial to her father, years after fleeing the War. As nice as her on-screen husband’s gleaming white BMW 507 may be, it won’t take long after her arrival for Cardinale’s character to switch allegiance — to her younger brother (played by the handsome French actor Jean Sorel), no less, with whom she shared a secret romance while growing up. For Michael Craig, there’s only one thing to dispel those raising suspicions, and that’s a spirited drop-top drive through Tuscany in the fabulous 507. Who needs a woman, anyway? 

Photo: Mondadori Portfolio Premium via Getty Images